Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bad cough

Having many many problem since last week. On last Tues, I was having sore throat. I knew more bad things would come. Cos everytime when I was having sore throat, then I would have throat infection, then cough, then... blah blah.

On wed nite I was having fever. I was supposed to attend an interview on Fri, so suddenly I felt worried that I might not be able to attend. Luckily the fever was gone on Thurs after drinking tons of water... I attended the interview smoothly on Friday.. God bless. But I was infected with conjuntivitis on Sat. Both of my eyes were red and sore. And then my throat condition worsen. No choice, went and see the doctor. The doctor prescriped me some medicne for throat, but nothing for my eyes. And no MC! So I went to work on Sunday nite with my sore red eyes.

It was so uncomfortable to work with sore eyes. With all the discharge keep coming from the eyes, I can't really see things well. Good thing was I endured until the end of work, and I went to see the doctor again straight after that. Let him see my big red eyes. So the doctor presciped me eyes drops and more medicine and MC! So I was on MC on Monday nite. I went back to work on Tues nit, clear my leave on Wed nite and phew, it is offday again. Although right now I am still having some light cough, but the feeling is much more better now..

I have 2 superstar concert tickets, only me alone is going. Still can't find any partner to go with me..

Saturday, September 03, 2005


This week I start to mapling again. It has been quite sometimes. Since I was done with flu and no mood to go out. Finally I reached lvl 22 yesterday. Mappling seems like a good past time. Need to back to work tomorrow. Another boring 3 days. The worst thing is I hv no partner. The stupid stingy boss didn't allowed xtra ppl to cover ppl who went on leave. So stingy...