Saturday, August 27, 2005

Last offday....

Woke up quite late today... Must be due to last nite karaoke session... Wonder how the other feel for event last nite. As the organiser, of course I felt wonderful, well at least I should.... This is the 1st time I'm organising such outing, without knowing every participants.. so funny. I knew some of them are not happy due to the cost involved, but I tot they should somehow expected it. Everyone is a working adult now.. pls.. and don't tell this is their 1st time visitng a karaoke on the primetime?
Actually I roughly exepcted this type of consequences, but I can't just change the outing for other activities, since it is planned to be an "karaoke outing".. Well this is my principle.
Maybe I should or everyone should take this consideration next time.... Never expect others to have the same budget... never take for granted....


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